Director: BEN SHARPSTEEN, HAMILTON LUSKE and a team of Disney animators.
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Disney's second feature-length animated film may rightly be considered their greatest, a triumph of animation and one of the most beautiful, moving and dark stories in their canon. Geppetto, an elderly toymaker, wishes he had a boy of his own. His prayers are answered with Pinocchio, a marionette whom the Blue Fairy brings to life. She assigns Jiminy Cricket to follow him and keep him from trouble. But the curious little puppet cannot help but fall into the clutches of various evildoers in their village, culminating in his escape from the terrifying Pleasure Island and into the mouth of the great whale, Monstro. This story has moved families for generations, and its score and song "When You Wish Upon a Star" both won Oscars. A timeless classic, not seen on Minnesota screens for decades.

DCP - Walt Disney Pictures

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