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Featuring an original live musical score performed by JACKIE BECKEY, JONATHAN KAISER and ADAM WOZNIAK

The Phantom Carriage is an influential classic of Swedish cinema, a haunting Dickensian ghost story directed by Victor Sjostrom. The film is known for its innovative special effects and sophisticated narrative devices that were ahead of its time. It is based on a novel by Nobel prize-winning Swedish author Selma Lagerlof.

About the live score: After a sold out performance this summer at the ASI, musical artists Jackie Beckey and Jonathan Kaiser bring their original live score for the 1921 silent film classic The Phantom Carriage to the grand screen of the Heights Theater. Beckey (viola) and Kaiser (cello) use amplifiers and electronics with their string instruments to create a hybrid style of chamber music that combines hypnotic repetition, noisy texture, and lyrical melody. With influences that range from folk tunes to experimental sound, their lush score to The Phantom Carriage brings this silent film alive for a contemporary audience. For this special performance, Kaiser and Beckey are joined by Adam Wozniak on bass and keyboard. Molly Raben will begin the evening with a set of original compositions on the theater's historic pipe organ.

35MM print courtesy Janus Films.

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